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Our Story

Our Story

Our story is simple yet powerful.

AVP began when Dzmitry Miranovich and Dr. Bill Wagner connected on the shared idea that the veterinary profession needed a new option for business support. Unhappy with the style of traditional corporate veterinary groups, they set out to provide the alternative they felt veterinarians deserved. 

AVP was born out of that vision: the nation’s most compassionate network of veterinary practices, free from the constraints of private equity funding.

This move created an exciting option for practice owners looking for a different future than the increasingly common “corporate” buyout. As a veterinarian-founded, veterinarian-operated group, AVP’s mission and vision are aligned with the core values of the veterinary profession, not the bottom line of a corporate ledger. 

Rest assured, we have zero interest in rebranding practices or changing cultures. You made your practice what it is, and we’re here for the unique and quirky characteristics that make it one of a kind. We value local feel, goodwill, and the trust that has been earned over many years. Our goal is to retain all key players in the practice, including associate veterinarians, managers, and support staff leaders.

At AVP, we ensure that every team member genuinely has a bright future while honoring the hard work of the past.

Are you ready to love working in a veterinary hospital again?

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