AVP Success Center

AVP Success Center

AVP Success Center

Your success is our job

AVP’s Success Center Model ensures that partner-owners and the team they have built over the years receive the attention, resources, and respect that they deserve. Our Success Center team focuses their effort on reducing the administrative burden of our partner practices, allowing the local clinical teams to dedicate more of their time and attention to not only caring for their patients and clients, but for themselves as well. “Work/life balance” isn’t just a buzzword here—it’s a huge part of our goal and inspiration.

The Success Center team delivers on that commitment by providing systems, support, strategy, and operational help to our partner clinics.

Systems, Support, Strategy

Systems: The AVP Success Center will ensure administrative tasks like payroll, accounting, and financial analysis are all handled with care and precision.

Support: The Success Center proudly supports our local leaders and team members. Having someone to call when you need backup is something that all AVP’s partners can count on.

Strategy: AVP coordinates with the leaders and teams at our partner practices to drive larger projects that will create value for the practice, its clients, and its patients. These value-creation projects are the most significant area where you’ll see our influence and interact with our team as an AVP partner, and we tailor our strategy to each individual facility’s character and goals.

Operational Help

Some of the areas of our expertise include:

  • Hiring - recruiting and retaining doctors and veterinary techs is an integral part of running a veterinary practice, and let’s face it—also an enormous pain in the neck. We’ll not only take the hiring burden off your plate, but we’ll create the right incentives to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Human resources - payroll, benefits, and other tasks.
  • Finance and Accounting - streamlining bookkeeping and tax reporting.
  • Practice management - enabling management to receive real-time actionable data, including scheduling and post-visit reporting.
  • Advertising - search engine optimization, Google, Yelp, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and others) advertising, and the ability to measure impact and maximize results.
  • Information technology - the backbone of most operations, including various telecommunication and IT systems.

Value Creation

There are several ways we work to create value:

  • Revenue growth – Increase revenue through better scheduling, proactive follow-ups with patients, efficient use of various advertising channels, and improved staffing (i.e., hiring additional techs and assistants to enable doctors to focus on patient care, improving doctor and patient satisfaction and health outcomes).
  • Margin improvement – In our experience, operating profits could be increased by 25-50% at most independently owned veterinary practices, driven by operating efficiencies modeled on high-performing veterinary practices and prevailing industry best business practices.
  • Shared resources – Exchange ideas and share costs among partner clinics in our network.
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